Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Things are starting to melt!

Just south of where I live used to be a large jail farm many years ago and now there are ponds and little creeks and streams all part of the Eramosa River.

Today when I was there, the geese are busy making their nests and the water in the little stream here is running very swiftly but the larger pond at the back is still frozen.

Won't be long now till spring!


photowannabe said...

Melting ice, a good sign that Spring is just around the corner for you Pat.
Nice shot too.

RUTH said...

I love that mini waterfall.

CG said...

Very nicely composed photo Pat with nice lines and shades. Glad spring is on the way.

Kaycee said...

I like the way you captured the flowing water! Isn't it wonderful to see signs of spring?

talj said...

what a lovely little bridge! :o)