Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Daffodils are planted!

Geordie and I planted the Daffodils

It was such a lovely day today. Mice were coming out of their winter homes as were moles and the squirrels were so numerous--too numerous to count and it almost drove Geordie nuts! He was having such a great time chasing all of these!

Then he saw me walking from where I parked the car with the pot of daffodils and a little trowel and as soon as he noticed this, he ran right to the spot where his master lay and just laid down on the spot where I wanted to dig.

He watched as I made a little hole for the bulbs and kept on lying there.

Finally I got the little job done and Geordie had jumped up onto "his" bench and suddenly the expression on his face was, "Pat, I see a squirrel!" but this look was a wee bit different. So I turned around and a long distance away, all I saw was a tail wagging and I said, "Oh, it's another dog!" And with that, Geordie ran so quickly to the wagging tail.

I then heard some little playful growls and I turned around to find two dogs having such a great time together, most of the time on their back legs alone trying to knock the other one over.

The other dog's owners walked over to find out where their buddy had gone and they called, "Hey, Geordie! Come on boy!" and both my Geordie and their Geordie ran to the other couple!

Well, did I laugh! And so did Geordie! See his smile? He met another "Geordie" and they had so much fun together while we visited my Geordie's master's resting place!


photowannabe said...

Bittersweet and such a lovely way to describe your planting. It seems some dogs really do have a sixth sense doesn't it?
I love the two Gordies smiling in that lst shot.

AB said...

I love daffodils, and love them even more since I met you {{{HUGS}}} Glad you had a lovely day to plant them.

Beautiful shot of the two Geordies! :)


RUTH said...

Geordie certainly is a faithful dog. What fun for him to find another Geordie playmate. Sending a {{HUG}}

Memories Catcher said...

Beautiful dogs.I like the photos.Great colors and contrasts.Well done!

Kaycee said...

Geordie is so intuitive! It is good to know that the weather is finally better so that you can plant daffodils!

CG said...

What a lovely series of photos to accompany your words, Pat; lovely to see Geordie with his namesake.

Anna said...

I love dogs....great shot.