Friday, March 02, 2007


"A friend is one to whom one may pour out all the contents of one's heart, chaff and grain together, knowing that the gentlest of hands will take and sift it, keep what is worth keeping (grain) and with a breath of kindness blow the rest (chaff) away."
Arabian Proverb

Sunset on Lake Ontario

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What a wonderful day I had on a day in December before Christmas! The above photo was taken that day looking west toward the city of Hamilton from a lovely park called LaSalle Park inside Hamilton Bay on Lake Ontario. It was so very cold but the friendship and fellowship of three individuals was warm!

Anna and her mother and I met on this very cold and chilly day to take photos together. What a great time we had! It was like we knew each other for a very long time. AB or AnnaBanana is an administrator on the Photography Cafe and is such a joy to work with.

Three Friends in a Tree!

The photo to the right was taken on January 2 on a lovely trip to Niagara Falls. Look at the lovely green grass!

Have you met folks you met on the internet and felt that you'd know each other forever? or for a very long time?

Maybe you've had a different experience though. I'm sure we all have to be careful.

Thanks Anna, for being that type of friend!


This photo was taken by Carol, Anna's lovely mother as Anna and I realized that we were really meeting at last.

As a result of knowing AB, Carol and I are now great friends and we plan many photo outings together in the near future. .


talj said...

WONDERFUL!! Absolutely wonderful to see you all together and to hear of your new friendship with Anna's mother! It's great that you have met someone so close to you too! Friendship really is a wonderful thing, no matter where in the world those friends are. Lovely photos today Pat :o) {{{HUGS}}} xx

AB said...


Pat, you are a truly wonderful friend - one that I have been incredibly blessed to have met, first on the internet, then finally in the flesh this past December. Getting to give you a REAL hug was a delight! It sure does feel that we have known each other forever, and I am so thankful to have you as my friend.

Thank you for bringing back such fantastic memories of some great outings while I was in Canada over Christmas and New Year's!


CG said...

I've had hardly any negative experiences with people I've met online. In fact, my four closest and dearest friends I met via the Internet!! I'm really enjoying visiting blogs these days and getting to know MORE great people.

It's nice to see your happy photos Pat :)

Elaine said...

How wonderful to meet new friends!

Your first shot is stunning. (I followed the link from Anna's blog.) Nice to "meet" you.

RUTH said...

Oh what a lovely quote and so nice to see the smiling faces of you and your friends; how lovely to meet them in person.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Pat these are great happy photos. I think my internet experience has been the best because 7 years ago I met my now husband on the internet while I was in London and he was here in Indiana. In June 2001 I came over to meet him in person and I stayed!!!! We have been married 6 years in August. Our common interest in horses is what brought us together. I might have mentioned before that he is quadraplegic and has been for 25 years, but we just clicked immediately. I have learned so much from him about the horses and have been able to provide him with a far better level of care than he had been receiving. He is a great loving person. It is sometimes very hard as I am sure you can imagine, with a person being totally reliant on me for every need and coping with all of the other things that need my attention LOL but I wouldnt change it for anything.

So glad you and Anna and her Mom got to know each other, treasure these friendships.



photowannabe said...

What wonderful memories and so much fun. I love the shot of the 2 of you hugging. Super.

Allotment Lady said...

It is always a joy to see your stunning photos and so nice to meet a 'friend' at last.

Wishing you so much fun in the future

Kaycee said...

What a beautiful tribute to your friendship! I really hope that I will be able to meet you and Anna one day!

Carmi said...

How lucky you are to have met! Consider me inspired...maybe someday I'll get to cross paths with some of the special folks I've met through my writing and photography.