Sunday, March 04, 2007

Lovely day at LaSalle Park on Lake Ontario


Today I met Anna's mother and we had a lovely few hours at LaSalle Park on Lake Ontario. It wasn't too cold down there.

The harbour is frozen and looking across to the Stelco Steel Plant, you could see that they were busy working.

Among the thousands of waterfowl, we found a pair of Pintail Ducks. It was very difficult to take a photo of them without hundreds of other birds around them but this is my attempt. Not a very good one but my little old point and shoot did pretty well.

We'll meet again soon. Had a wonderful day with your mother, your father and your brother, Alexander, Anna!


photowannabe said...

Nice shot and your point and shoot does a super job. You sound like you had a lovely day.

AB said...

Wonderful shots, Pat! I love the pintails.

SO glad you enjoyed your meet with my parents and Alex :) Hope you gave them all hugs from me!


RUTH said...

I think the photos are superb! Wish my click & hope photos were as good!

CG said...

Wow, it's something to see a frozen harbour!!!
Those ducks are cute - well taken. glad you had a nice day :)

Memories Catcher said...

Wonderful shots.
Those ducks are cute.
Good job!

Kaycee said...

Your duck photo is very good! I am glad that you had a good day visiting with Anna's parents and brother!

talj said...

What lovely shots and so glad to hear you have had such a nice day :o)