Monday, March 26, 2007


I bought a pot of daffodils to put on Jack's grave and I thought that the scene outside the other day was quite interesting to see behind the daffodils in my kitchen. The snow has gone now as we had a couple of huge thunder and lightening rain storms over night and during today.

I will go and plant them tomorrow on the grave I think.


RUTH said...

Hopefully the sunshine will soon be with you. A lovely photo of the daffs with the snowy backdrop. This year we had our first daff bloom in January! and there are still many blooming now. I always look at you weather temperature in your side bar nice to see things are warming slightly.

Pat said...

Hi Ruth!

It's such a gorgeous day outside here today. I have all my deck chairs spread out and the rain washed off all the winter gunge (sp?) and now the bright sun is drying them off!

Oh, this is such great news.


CG said...

That's a very hopeful sight!Glad the sun is shining :)