Thursday, March 15, 2007

I'd love to go for a ride!

All photos are clickable to larger

Today, I yearned to go for a ride in this big vehicle. My brother-in-law got his "newish" vehicle and was driving it up to North Bay, Ontario and he stopped off for me to see it.

I thought that the grill was interesting...almost like a piece of art! Do you like it?

This vehicle is not old at all and as you can see it only has just over 83,000 km on it. That's a very low mileage for these vehicles.

Well, maybe another day, I'll get to ride in it.

Have you ever felt as if you'd like to ride in one of these large tractor trailers? I used to teach bus driving but this is a vehicle I wouldn't mind travelling in.


RUTH said...

What an impressive looking vehicle. I wouldn't fancy trying to go round corners in it!

CG said...

I certainly would. My friend's husband used to drive lorries and i liked sitting up in his cab a lot! Nice series of photos too. x

Kaycee said...

Pat, I really like the series of photos showing this "big rig"! The photo of grill works so will because of the different textures, shapes, and colors!

photowannabe said...

that's one big-big rig. So shiney and new. I don't blame you for wanting to take to the open road in it.

Annie said...

Yes, I'd like to ride in a truck like that. I might even like to drive it. I'm short and I know I'd feel big and powerful behind the wheel of that huge thing!