Saturday, March 03, 2007

Snow, Snow, and more Snow!


Last night during the big snow storm, I took this photo from my front door down my path. Ohhh, it needs to be dug but I'll wait till morning!

My apple tree today
My picnic table--waiting for spring!
After diggin the path!


Ame said...

Hi Pat!

Thanks for stopping by SCDP!

BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR...I was just telling my kids how cooooold I was and then opened your site...I need some hot chocolate now...well, actually the pan of brownies will be out of the oven in 5 min's!

Great snowy shots!


CG said...

Oh Pat, what a lot of snow!! Made me shiver looking at it. I hope this is the last snowfall of the season and that spring is on it's way!!

talj said...

Wow! Send the snow to me Pat, I love it!! :o) Looks like you certainly had quite a flurry....stay warm! {{{HUGS}}}

Annie said...

I was hoping that if you waited till morning it wouldn't have frozen solid.

Anna said...

Wow....look at that picnic table. :)

photowannabe said...

The picnic table shot is my favorite.
Did you shovel all that yourself? Please be careful, that's a lot of hard work.
I think its time for Spring to show its face in your aea.

perle de rosée said...

We are on the 3th March. And there is still a lot of snow. It must be very cold. Some years we have snow in March, but not so much and not in this year, since a few years are the winters somewhat warmer as before. This year we had only a few days under O°C.