Friday, January 12, 2007

Won't be long now...


I was finding it difficult to figure out what to take my PAD pic of today. I noticed that my amaryllis bulb had sprung up over the past few days and pretty soon it will be bursting out in vibrant colour--at least I hope it will be!

Maybe I'll be able to get some photos of it's journey from being a lowly bud to a beautiful flower!


AB said...

A simple and beautiful image - a harbinger of spring! Even though we haven't had "winter" to speak of, it sure is nice to know spring is on its way!

talj said...

Beautiful composition and colours! I look forward to seeing how this changes in the days and weeks ahead :o)

Patz said...

Believe it or not, it's grown an inch and a bit from yesterday!!!!

I had my camera still up on the tripod from yesterday and now the bud is out of the monitor screen!

But not much different has taken place in the bud itself so I'll find something else to take a pic of for today. It will have to be inside I think as it's raining quite heavily outside.

Natalya, you get better now, ya heeeer?

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Nice shot of the bud, these are pretty flowers, I look forward to seeing its transformation.

Keep us posted.

Elwood Photography said...

This photo is amazing!!!

Patz said...

Thanks Lori and Matt!

I was looking tonight at the bud and I think that there's going to be 5 blooms on this monster! I may try to get a pic of it tomorrow.