Tuesday, January 09, 2007


January 9 Nails

In December 1985, we moved into this house after it was built. The roof has lasted until now but the time came for me to replace it as the water was running off the roof between the eavestrough and the roof causing a great deal of ice build up on the path. I was very concerned about folks slipping on this and falling.

So, today is the day!

I got some snaps of the fellows up on the roof but this clump of nails really drew me to them. They are sitting out on the driveway on top of a pile of shingles. I expect that they are for a power hammer as they are all joined together.

It sure will be lovely to have the peace of mind now knowing that my roof won't leak and there won't be ice from water running from the roof onto the path.

So all are welcome now to come and visit! :)


Nita said...

Pat, I had never thought of a picture of nails being so colorful and interesting. Doesn't this make a nice image?

Glad you roof is all fixed and safe for visitors. Nita

Patz said...

Hi Nita!

You have no idea how great it is to see you here.

Yes, those nails sure got my attention as the sun shone on them sitting on my driveway.

Glad I got a pic of them.