Sunday, January 14, 2007

A New Planet?

Well, today I was trying some indoor photographs and I took a few of some candles and things.

This one, when I cropped it, reminded me of a planet out in space!

So, this, my friends is a newly seen planet with lots of fire holes!


Kaycee said...

Great job, Pat! I can imagine the feel the candle's heat and glow of the flame from viewing your photo.

super-dave said...

i pat

thanks for stopping by my site.

i really like this shot. the lighting is cool and the negative space works very well.

i'll add you to my list of PAD people ... i wish you luck in keeping it going this year!! :)

cya round



Nita said...

Pat, this is a great photo. The lighting creates such interest. Now you need to name your planet.

(I just realized I don't need to post as anonymous, as I have a gmail acct.)


talj said...

lol excellent Pat, if I could get out on my balcony I would try and spot this new planet ;o) Great shot :o)

Patz said...

Thanks everyone for your comments! I'm really late coming back here today.

I've not got around to too many Blogs either so will have to play "catch-up" tomorrow.

I'm so enjoying this blogging!