Friday, June 22, 2007

Yellow Flower

Today has been a very busy day for me. A friend has been in the hospital and today she was sent home and so I picked her up. I usually give her an injection every Thursday but since she was in the hospital, I assumed that she'd have it there. They sent her home and asked that I give it to her.

I also had some not so nice news of my dear brother who had his bladder removed due to cancer last November and they've decided that they must now start chemo (started yesterday) as they've found "something" in the lymph gland near to his aorta and another "something" on one of his ureters.

So, those of you who check out both of my blogs, will see the same photo. I'm sorry!

I don't know the name of this little yellow flower but I'm sure that Ruth will know. It's in a lot of hanging baskets and window boxes and it's in one of mine.


Nita said...

Dear, Pat. This photo is simple and beautiful. I can't help you with the flower name.

You are such a blessing to so many. I know you don't want applause or even recognition for what you do, but I wonder how you reach out to so many and keep reaching for more. :) Blessings, Nita

RUTH said...

Firstly I am so sorry to hear about your brother...sending both you and he a {{HUG}}. Good to hear your friend is out of hospital but like you I would have thought they would have given her the injection! The flower is Bidens..I have some in my baskets too. Such a bright cheery colour.

CG said...

I am sorry to hear about your brother...will keep him in my thoughts and prayers. The flower is so pretty!

I hope to come to Canada next year to see K and will change planes in Toronto...maybe we'll get to meet? x

Elaine said...

This is a lovely shot--very simple yet it has nice detail and color. (I haven't left many comments for you, but I visit your blog often. I will say a prayer for your brother.)

JAM said...

Beautifully done. From the side like that alwasy seems prettier to me than straight down on the top like I tend to take them.