Sunday, June 10, 2007

I'm chickened out!

Oops! Sorry, same post as in my Guelph Blog tonight due to it being my birthday and I still have company.


Just a very quick post as I still have company here. Last Wednesday evening I took my granddaughter to this Swiss Chalet for her 19th birthday treat.

Saturday, my daughter and her family came and took me to the Swiss Chalet for my birthday supper.

Today is my birthday and my youngest son and his wife and daughter telephoned and said, "We're on our way over, Mum! We're taking you to the Swiss Chalet for your birthday!"

So, here I sit completely chickened out! I love the Swiss Chalet though. I'm not one bit sad that I went three times in four days!!!


photowannabe said...

The happiest of birthday wishes. It must be a great place to eat since you are a "frequent diner".
Just don't sprout feathers....

RUTH said...

Oh I didn't realise it was your birhday....A Happy Birthday...the Swiss Chalet looks nice...just as well after so many visits!
Birthday {{HUGS}}

CG said...

LOL Happy Birthday Pat!!

Kaycee said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday!