Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Indian Paintbrush

Here's a photo of a lovely flower that is everywhere up north. I really like the colours of it.

Indian Paintbrush

(Click to see larger if you wish)


Nita said...

Hi, Pat! :)

These flowers are so sweet and delicate. I like the colors too.

Thanks for checking out my blogspot.

I need to learn how to make it pretty like yours. :)


AB said...

Just gorgeous, Pat - like little flowers of flame! I love Indian Paintbrush.

So glad you had a good weekend. Missed you though!


RUTH said...

I like the way the petals fade from orange to yellow.

John said...

Oh, I'd like to get near those flowers with a camera Pat. They look so pretty.

annulla said...

Beautiful blossoms. I've never seen them growing around here. Are they wildflowers?

Blather From Brooklyn

inspired said...

yes the colors are beautiful aren't they ;o]

CG said...

Aren't they pretty?

Elaine said...

I love these shots!

JAM said...

Very pretty. I love that second photo with the stone in the background.