Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Crystal Pitcher on an Old Picnic Table

I was out the other day looking for some things to capture and at an old run down farmhouse, I found the most beautiful crystal pitcher sitting on a very old wooden picnic table.

The time was just about 12 noon so the absolutely incorrect time to try to take photos with the bright overhead sunshine but I think it turned out ok.

Do you?

I'd love to know why this gorgeous pitcher was sitting on this old disused table.


photowannabe said...

Me too. I guess it was just waiting for you to take its picture. Very nice shot.

RUTH said...

It's just waiting to be filled with homemade lemonade.

soP said...

It waited for an attentive eye to notice it. I am glad you did!

CG said...

I was thinking it's waiting to be filled with Iced Tea :)

Pat said...

Hey CG, it was large enough to hold about a quart and a half of iced tea! Nearly swiped it! :( But who knows? Maybe someone was in the bushes watching me.

Faye Pekas said...

Wow I would like to know too. You also have "right time right place" happenings :)