Wednesday, June 27, 2007

On the Credit River

Just outside of Guelph (well, a little bit further than "just outside") is a village of Terra Cotta and I went down to the river and was taken aback by this poor willow tree.

I suppose through many storms and windy days over the years, more and more of its branches had broken off and all are in the river but still this tree breaks out in new leaf each year.

If you enlarge the photo, you'll see the detailed tangled mess.

Reminds me a bit of our lives if we allow the tangles to stay without unravelling them.


RUTH said...

Great photo Pat and so true what you say.

JAM said...

That is one determined tree. We should be just as determined to thrive as well.

Wonderful shot.

Kaycee said...

It looks like you are really enjoying newing your new camera! The dof and composition here is very good!

Nita said...

This is so expressive....if photos, or trees, can express themselves. The story is there and you found it.

I love it when I come upon created visuals like this.

Beautiful photo. Nita