Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Twelve Days Old

(Click on the photo to see larger)

Such a sweet little chick!

Up at my sister's, a shipment of little chicks had arrived a week ago and with over 100 chicks in the rather large enclosure that they are living in, it was difficult to isolate only one chick to capture a shot!


Nita said...

Oh, Pat. How sweet. :)

This is a great capture of innocence.

RUTH said...

Oh so lovely....real ahhhhh factor.

CG said...

Really sweet...makes me want to turn veggie again!

John said...

Such a cute shot Pat.

Beetle said...

Oh...SOOO Cute Chick...your photo make me want to hold in my hand and kiss it :o)

Carmi said...

Hi Pat. Your use of depth of field in this image is masterful. It guides the eye to zero in on this sweet little thing's head. I know they tend to move all over the place, which makes this capture all the more notable. I love it...definitely an awwww picture.

Thanks, BTW, for flagging the CBC article. I had no idea they published it: I have a Google Alert that tracks these kind of things, but CBC's site isn't always well-indexed. If not for you, I wouldn't have known until I meandered through the site.

Thanks, also, for posting this on the main site. You're very, very kind.

JAM said...

How cute! Wonderful photo.