Saturday, February 24, 2007

Skating on the Speed River


Did you ever skate on the river?

Oh, how I remember when I was wee, skating on many frozen creeks and ponds. We didn't have indoor arenas to skate in and we nearly froze our fingers off trying to tighten the laces in our skates while sitting on the benches beside the ice. But what fun it was and how we enjoyed it when we finally got our laces done up.

It was so nice to see these folks skating on the Speed River late this afternoon. There were youngsters and some "oldsters" too and my memory went way back to when I used to do this. It was lovely reminiscing.

It was also interesting to see the huge cracks in the ice from where the thawed part of the river joins the frozen rink part.

Do you have memories like this from when you were little? Share them with us if you'd like. I love to hear memories of others.

Map on Google for this area



AB said...

I remember skating on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa when I was young - I loved school trips!

Growing up in the suburbs of Montreal, they used to flood the fields in the parks to make outdoor rinks - the city would put up boards so the kids could play hockey (or so those not so steady on their skates could hold on!) and I remember sitting in the little park shack tying my laces, itching to get out there!

Thank you for bringing back such wonderful memories for me!


photowannabe said...

Unfortunately San Francisco doesn't freeze like that. I think it would be so much fun to do. Nice picture Pat.

RUTH said...

I was never allowed skates when I was a child...not even roller this day I feel I missed out on something......

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

I have only tried to ice skate on indoor arenas and am hopeless. Where I grew up it rarely dropped below freezing so this was not something I grew up with.

I did roller skate though, does that count LOL

Nice shot Pat, has a great atmosphere to it.


talj said...

Love the photo Pat! I have never really skated...and these days skates would be a big no no for me lol :o)

CG said...

This is something to see!! I've only skated once on an indoor rink and I fell over and cracked my elbow!!

Kate and Sian both took to skating very naturally - they both have good balence and no fear. i love to watch skaters and wish I could do it.


Tag(Carpet)Bagger said...

Is it just me that has a panic attack seeing the kids playing hockey AND open water in the same picture?

Nice shots/blog by the way :)

Thanks for stopping by mine.