Thursday, May 03, 2007

Eastern Redbud

Oh, dear. More apologies!

This week, I've hardly been home. My friend is still in Hamilton and it's been an almost daily occurrence for me to drive her husband down to the hospital on that city and then by the time we get back to Guelph, it's so dark or so late that I just do my little chores and get into bed.

Hopefully, she will be being transferred to the Guelph Hospital very soon!

Before my husband passed away, he planted an Eastern Redbud bush on our front lawn. He never saw it bloom but each year since he died, it's bloomed. The buds are just starting to break out where the lovely mauve-pink blossoms will be and I snapped this one in the drizzle.


RUTH said...

So beautiful. What a wonderful friend you are...I hope your friend gets transferred soon; my best wishes to her.

CG said...

The water drops on the buds are lovely. You are certainly a terrific friend xx