Tuesday, May 29, 2007


On my walk last night in the woods, I saw many dandelions where the winds had blown most of the seeds away.

This one reminded me so much of a dart game. It was almost dark but I took it anyway. I sort of like the sparkle too of the remaining seed still clinging.


AB said...

A beautiful capture - they do indeed look like darts!

You are producing such lovely work - you and the new camera are definitely becoming good friends :)



photowannabe said...

Great post. The composition and the darts make a great picture.

RUTH said...

Great photo; the other day I wanted to take a photo of an "unblown" dandelion...it was so windy I had to walk a fair distance before I found one with all seeds intact.

CG said...

great dof, you are obviously enjoying the new camera a lot x

Kevin said...

Wow! This is HOT! Very nice, Pat.