Monday, February 11, 2008

New Life in Spring

I have a friend, Colin Moffett, in Northern Ireland who writes poetry! I've really been blessed by it. Well, now I can listen to him as he reads his own poems! How lovely is that!

He has a video camera and all of this photography is his own. I do hope that you enjoy it as much as I have.


Hear the whisper of the breeze
Sighing softly through the trees

Rays of sunshine kiss my face
Fleecy clouds above me race
Dancing in the soft blue sky
Where soar the singing birds on high

Fresh green leaves trees adorn
Cuckoo calls from early morn
Busy bees on the wing
Listen to the blackbird sing
See the beauty of the flowers
Watered from fresh April showers

Brightly glistens morning dew
Blades of grass a greener hue
Spring is here, cold days are gone
Each morning now a brighter dawn
Skipping lambs; just newborn
Pink small flowers on the thorn

Cherry trees are out in bloom
Also flowering gorse and broom
Rabbits frolic without a care
Fragrant smells are in the air
Hedgehog stirs from winter’s rest
Mother bird builds her nest

Sunny days are sure to bring
Life renewal in the Spring
I thank God that I can see
Nature’s beauty surrounding me
God in mercy and in love
Sends us blessings from above

Days of Spring bring life anew
God will give new life to you
Hope eternal it will spring
If to Jesus you will bring
And give to Him your heart today
He will wash your sin away

Colin Moffett

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