Saturday, April 07, 2007

Nice and clean now...


When my grandson was here the other day with his Daddy, he invited me for Easter dinner and "please bring Geordie too, Grandma!"

So, today, he went next door to my neighbour who has the best grooming business in her home. I send Geordie over and he yips at her door.

When he's done, she sends him home and he yips on my door!

And all this, "NO CHARGE!" She says he's the best she does. He stands there and she says, "Now, your other paw needs clipping and nails cut!" so up goes the other paw.

So, tomorrow we'll head north-east of Guelph to Orangeville to where my son lives and enjoy Easter dinner and then head home.

BUT... there's a blizzard outside right now so we'll make our minds up tomorrow.


CG said...

Geordie looks gorgeous, so fluffy!!

Kaycee said...

I hope that you have a Happy and Blessed Easter, Pat. Geordie is so handsome! What a wonderful buddy he must be!
I hope that you have a safe drive to your son's home. Have a wonderful dinner!

RUTH said...

Geordie looks lovely. Hope the weather clears for your visit.