Wednesday, April 04, 2007

"Grandma! I can count by tens!"

"Grandma, may I show you that I can count by tens?" "Ten (and the fingers all go up and then down), twenty, thirty, forty, fifty..."

"...sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety..."


"Grandma, did that make you a bit happier? I love you so-o-o much Grandma!"

How surprised I was this evening to hear a knock at the door and then find in the blowing snow, my son with little David standing at the door with take-out cups of hot chocolate. "Grandma! We brought a party for you!"


RUTH said...

That knock on the door must have really helped to lift your spirits

CG said...

Oh Pat, how sweet, what a lovely surprise for you :)

Kaycee said...

Your grandson and son are so thoughtful! Just look at David's beautiful eyes!

photowannabe said...

Two days with two knocks on the door and real gifts. How wonderful are friends and family. Your son and grandson bringing you a party is precious.
Please rest Pat and get your strength back.

Cronee said...

Good Morning Pat! Followed you over here. This is great!

Once I get on the road I hope to be posting to mine daily...

I like the neoearth "where are you?" that you have and hope that you don't mind if I put one on mine, also. Clever idea!

We sure do have fun sometimes, don't we? Have a good weekend.