Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I so appreciated your comments and emails

Yes, I really did appreciate your messages. I had many. I've been feeling "under the weather" with the tail-end of an awful virus which has really taken its toll on various parts of this body including my lungs and so have been ordered to complete bed-rest.

Then on top of that, my dear friend passed away as a result of brain cancer which then went right through her poor body so quickly. It really hit me hard. Fifty-one years of age is far too young! She has four lovely children from 12 to 19 and a very sad husband.

During the past week and a half, I also received a lovely gift from one of the members of the Photography Cafe all the way from England. Was chatting with this fellow about another matter and then about six hours later, a knock at my door and I was presented with this lovely gift of flowers. Aren't they beautiful?


RUTH said...

Sending you the greatest of {{{HUGS}}}; thinking of you and your friend's family

CG said...

I am so sorry, Pat, was wondering how you were. Hugs xxx

Kaycee said...

You always do so much for everyone else, Pat! Be sure to get some rest. The flowers are lovely!