Monday, March 17, 2008

A Wedding is Planned!

I thought I'd let you all know that my presence on here might be a little haphazard for the next little while and I am planning a wedding for May!

Whose wedding? Mine!

I became a widow seven years ago and for me I thought that this is what life was going to be like from now on. But, my Lord and Saviour has had other plans for my life and He has brought into my life a wonderful man named Paul.

Paul arrived on Saturday night with roses and a lovely little white box! Then yesterday, he made this lovely collage of three photos--a photo of three of the roses from the dozen red roses he brought, the ring in the box and the ring on my finger!

I do hope that you enjoy the photo as much as I do and that you will be patient with me while I plan with Paul our future life together.

Red Roses and a Ring
A Special Day for Pat


photowannabe said...

Pat, I am thrilled for you. How wonderful that the Lord gave you another to love and spend your days with. May is coming fast but please post a picture now and then so we can follow your exciting new life.

BJ said...

Hello - I linked from Rainee's blog.

Congrats! I'm so happy for you! Your wonderful event will be here so quickly! God bless as you plan the next "new" chapter in your life.

Carole said...

How wonderful Pat, congratulations. I hope you have much joy and happiness

Per Stromsjo said...

Allow me to add my congratulations as well. All the best of wishes from Stockholm!

CG said...

Finally got around to checking out your beautiful ring :) So happy for you both {{{HUGS}}}