Wednesday, July 18, 2007

His name is Gyp

It's almost impossible right now to take a good photo of Gyp but I snapped these this evening just to let all of our friends know what his name is. I think I've tried every name in the book and all that have been suggested to me but each time I'd say, "Hi Gyp!", his eyes sparkled and he'd come running so I think that Gyp has chosen his own name.

I always enjoyed the James Herriot story about the little border collie named "Gyp".

When we go for walks, he knows where he lives and turns into his house on the way home. Geordie is tolerating him but loves to herd Gyp. So, just wanted to update you all and I'll get some better photos in the coming days.

My friend has been very ill and my time has been spent taking her to appointments, etc. and so photo-taking has taken a back seat for me for a little while.


RUTH said...

What a good friend you are; my best wishes to your friend. Gyp is lovely and really growing. Glad you and he managed to find a name. Take care

CG said...

He's lovely and the name suits me. Hope your friend gets better soon, xx

photowannabe said...

Your kindness is a beautiful quality and your friend is so fortunate to have you caring so much.
Love your pictures of your pup. Very sweet.

Kaycee said...

Gyp sounds like a wonderful name for your new buddy! I enjoyed reading James Herriot's books, too. I must reread them some time.
I hope that your friend is doing better. I will keep her in my prayers. You are such a wonderful friend to take her to appointments!

inspired said...

God Bless You as you minister unto your friend :o]

BJ said...

Hi Pat! Came here from Nita. Love you dog Gyp! Suits him/her just fine. Adorable pictures. Look forward to seeing more of Gyp.

Bless you for being such a wonderful friend.

JAM said...

My younger brother had a border collie that was always herding my mother when they were over there for visits.

What a cute dog and a great name.